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Coastal Vacation Rentals allows travelers to choose from a large selection of temporary housing in and around Arroyo Grande & Pismo Beach, California

See if you can take advantage of an awesome Special for your next stay in Arroyo Grande.

Many of our long-term or monthly-only properties require an application process. These listings are for informational purposes.

We Encourage You to Call Us for Personalized Assistance at (805) 773-1080 or (800) 700-1254.

Experienced reservationists are standing by to help you find the best rental for your needs and wishes.

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203 Oro Drive $2,300.00 - $2,453.35 Monthly

  • Property Highlights
    Type: Apartment
    Pets Allowed: No
    Location: Arroyo Grande
    • 1Bedrooms:
    • 1.00Bath:
    • 2Sleeps:
  • Description:
    Lovely 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, It is attached to larger owner-occupied home. Longer term only. One-year lease...Read More
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